“Jason has provided a continuous level of sonic clarity that I can rely on when performing live. He maintains a positive attitude in all situations, especially when we are short on time and need to get things done quickly. Working with someone so acclimated in their craft creates room for more creativity on stage and simply creates a wonderful working environment. Thank you Jason!”

:: Matthew Dear – Matthew Dear/Audion/False/Jabberjaw


“For 30+ years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of fantastic, technically proficient audio engineers, and Jason is certainly amongst the best of them. However, when it comes to an understanding of the intrinsic nature of the music being recorded, (that which really can’t be explained in words) Jason is unparalleled. His perception and subsequent creative input towards a particular recording project is a special talent amongst audio engineers that I’ve rarely come across.”

:: Scott Brazieal – Zdrastvootie/&


“Working with Jason Powers was the best studio experience we have had thus far. He captured our vision as if it were his own. He knows exactly what to do + he was a huge pleasure to work with. He had great suggestions + he listened carefully + paid attention during the entire recording process. We will be back at the Type Foundry for sure + definitely working with Jason again!”

:: Robert Comitz – Nucular Aminals


“Jason is a stand-up guy with huge ears. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to work with him for recording, mixing, and live sound for the better part of a decade.”

:: Reed Wallsmith – Blue Cranes/Battle Hymns and Gardens