PDX Local

Type Foundry :: My studio that I run with Adam Selzer and Dylan Magierek. Analog and digital, huge rooms, loads of instruments.
PDX Recording :: Portland local Google group for recording engineers started by Larry Crane and I. Membership is open so feel free to join.
NW Studios Yahoo Group :: A list for Northwest studio owners, engineers, producers, musicians, et al to discuss their needs, find help, get a referral, sell some gear, promote themselves, etc
Tape Op Magazine :: If you don’t know, you should. Best recording magazine out there. The only magazine I’ve seen that uses their advertising revenue to give free subscriptions. It really doesn’t get any better than this. The website also features an active message board and forum.
2-Track Mind :: Basement studio of my friend, musician, composer, recordist, gear-fixer, Seth Lorinczi.

Really Nerdy

Recording Consoles of the 20th Century :: A gear geek page. Pictures of almost any recording console, tape machine, microphone, monitor or piece of outboard gear you can imagine.
Microphones :: A page devoted to old microphones for radio and recording. Includes audio samples of each of the microphones on voice.
MRL Calibration Tapes Homepage :: Very interesting if you’re into the technical end of tape machines. Lots of technical papers on tape recording and tape machine calibration.
Loudness :: A great, insightful article from Chicago Mastering Services on the ridiculous ongoing mastering loudness battle.




Stereophonic Mastering :: Reasonably priced mastering with top-notch gear from Timothy Stollenwerk. Timothy is the mastering engineer behind most of the Mississippi Records, Sahel Sounds and Sublime Frequencies releases.
Sky Onion :: Portland engineer Gus Elg has been doing a lot of work lately, and now also has a fully operational record-cutting lathe.
Telegraph Mastering :: Engineer Adam Gonsalves’ mastering studio, also equipped with a vinyl cutting lathe.


Carl Saff Mastering :: Located in Chicago. Does a great job at a mid-level price, free samples and revisions.
Chicago Mastering Services :: An excellent mastering studio in Chicago. A joint venture between engineers Bob Weston and Jason Ward. They also have a record-cutting lathe.
Golden Mastering
:: Father and son team of John and JJ Golden operate out of Ventura, CA and have probably mastered many of the records you listen to.
SAE :: Really good (and expensive) mastering studio in Phoenix, AZ.



//Beacon Sound:: Small, well-curated new and used record store in Northeast Portland, and record label, run by my friend Andrew. One of the best in town.
Tiny Little Hammers:: Graphic design by Dylan McConnell. He does a lot of record covers and other music-related work. Use him. He is excellent.
Unwork, Inc. :: Beautiful things – records, books, design, made and released by Mariano Spina.