live recording

I have extensive live recording experience, and a ready to go set up. I can give you files at the end, or mix them for you.

Rates are negotiable. Please get in touch with your project needs and budget.

Pro Tools 12
Midas F32 – This analog console allows 32 simultaneous channels of recording. With it, I can do live sound at the same time as recording. I can also record 30 channels audio, and stripe a live 2-track live stereo mix from the console.
Apogee Ensemble 8 channel A/D converter – This is a great,more portable option, for projects with less input needs than the Midas.
True P8 8 channel mic pre – I use this paired with the Apogee Ensemble. Solid, transparent mic amplification from this one.
SE Electronics RN17 – Neve designed small diaphragm condenser matched stereo pair.
Various other mics

Selected Live Recording Experience:
///Two Yoyo a Go Go Festivals, Olympia, WA 1999 & 2001
///Mississippi Studios – Various live recordings for bands, OPB Music and The Portland Mercury
///Ben DarwishThe Lonely Night” Oct 2014
///Pickathon Music Festival 2012-2016 – From 2013-2015, myself and colleague Nalin Silva ran the broadcast audio and multi-track recording for the festival. This includes project management, running a staff of engineers, systems design for recording/broadcast mixing at seven stages, and being a liaison between live audio and video. In 2016 we also took over management of live sound at the festival.
///Livewire Radio – recording and live broadcast mix for the Spring 2016 season at Mississippi Studios, as well as multi-track recording of multiple shows 2015-2018.
///Holcombe Waller‘s Requiem Mass for PICA’s TBA Festival – Sept 2015