studios and rates

Recording/Mixing Rates:

$300/day, $40/hr. This is separate from fees for studio rental, gear rental, and media.


Studios I like to work in:

Studio1 Type Foundry, Portland:: My studio that I run with Adam Selzer, and Dylan Magierek. Comfortable, large rooms with tons of space for live band recording, tons of instruments, and a healthy selection of nice gear. 2″ 24 track and/or Pro Tools.
gear_list_2 Mix Foundry, Portland:: Adam Selzer’s mix studio located just next door to Type Foundry. Great for mixing and limited overdubs. Pro Tools, Digital Performer and Logic are all available.
mixer-compressors-eqs-mid Buzz or Howl Studios Portland:: Located in the old Falcon Studio space just off East Burnside, Buzz or Howl has a Neotek console, 2″ tape, a Yamaha grand piano, and a good selection of mics and pres.
mixer-compressors-eqs-mid The Map Room, Portland:: Nice little studio with a lot of good, homemade mics and pres, and a newly installed Studer A800 24track. Great vibe, and no separate control room, which can be really nice sometimes.
images-1 New, Improved Recording, Oakland, CA :: Affordable and solid Bay Area studio run by Eli Crews and John Finkbeiner. Excellent control room and gear selection.

I’m also available to work in any other studio that fits your budget. I can recommend a wide variety of studios in the Portland area and elsewhere that fit different budgetary and equipment requirements. Mobile recording is also an option that I occasionally will do,  but understand that it does require a lot more planning, gear gathering, and usually there will be fewer gear choices available on site.