2016 Year in Review, Part 2 – Recording & Mixing

2016 was an incredibly challenging year for me, but also a very rewarding one professionally. I continued to expand the realms and scope of audio-related work that I do, worked on a bunch of great records, and toured with some incredible musicians. I’m so grateful for, an always delighted by the variety and quality of projects I’m able to work on. It keeps me engaged and in love with my work.

To keep these posts readable, I’ve split the year into 3 parts, each devoted to a different aspect of my work life.

Part 1: Live Sound & Touring

Part 3: Pickathon

Moon Duo: Occult Architecture Vol.1 & Vol.2 on Sacred Bones

Tracked with me at Type Foundry and mixed with Jonas Verwijnen in Berlin and The Map Room. Out later this year.

Adhere to Form: Departed LP on Sinis Records

Tracked and mixed with me at Type Foundry.

Mbrascatu: Elementi LP

Tracked with me at Type Foundry and mixed by me at Buzz or Howl.

Derek Hunter Wilson: Abstraktes Vol.1 EP

Tracked, mixed and mastered with me at Type Foundry.

Soft Kill: Choke LP on Profound Lore

Tracked with me at B-Side Recording and mixed by Ben Greenberg in Brooklyn.

Terminal Orchestra: Leave Home, Rabbit 2xLP on Phratry Records

Tracked 3 years ago in an old church in rural Upper Michigan, its finally mixed, mastered and out!

Angel Olsen/Steve Gunn: Live at Pickathon Split LP

Split LP of recordings from Pickathon 2014. I mixed the Angel Olsen side at Mix Foundry, Nalin Silva mixed Steve Gunn at Revolver Studios










Live Wire Radio

I continued recording & mixing for the Fall and Spring seasons of Portland’s hilarious radio variety show, Live Wire Radio. Above is from a show we did in Phoenix, with my side stage recording zone.